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Client Account &
Advisory Service (CAAS)

Servicios en Contabilidad y Consulta de Negocios

As an entrepreneur, you have goals and milestones to complete in your business with sales, operations, marketing, and accounting. You invest valuable time and concentrated effort into your business and finally see results. But your accounting is not up to date – or is it?

How do you maximize efficiency and minimize cost for a profitable business?

CAAS assists all types of businesses in their start-up, growth, or maturity stage. Businesses who participate in CAAS have seen efficiency improvements within the first year. Owners and managers start to discover strengths and opportunities that lead to growth.

How does S&H provide CAAS?

  • Bookkeeping
  • Outsource AR/AP
  • Payroll
  • Budgets & Forecasting
  • Financial Planning
  • Business Strategy and Advisory Service
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Interim Controller/CFO
  • Website & SEO Development
  • Marketing
  • Estate & Succession Planning


Your one complete team for business. Our Client Accounting & Advisory Service (CAAS) is an all-in-one business advisory service.

CAAS assists all types of businesses. CAAS services include, but are not limited to: Bookkeeping, Outsourcing AP, Payroll Processing, Budgets and Forecasting, and Financial Planning in packages to service the needs of all different stages of our clients’ businesses.

How does CAAS Benefit You?

  • Lower Cost – Schell & Hogan, LLP helps you eliminate the need to hire full-time bookkeepers, which reduces your overhead costs.
  • Experienced Team and Partners – S&H has access to experienced, educated professionals with knowledge of how to provide timely accounting and reports to drive your business forward.
  • Technology for your Success – S&H integrates the latest technologies into our services to simplify processes, improve efficiency, and most importantly, to provide you with peace of mind.
  • Time Savings– By having the right team and technology, we help you eliminate the time it takes to perform accounting tasks, train bookkeepers, or deal with accounting and financial issues. This gives you more time to concentrate on developing relationships with your clients and your team.
  • A Proactive Business – By connecting with experienced advisors, improving technology, saving both time and money, and having updated accounting and financials, you can now make better decisionsto move your business in the right direction.

The CAAS Team

Schell & Hogan, LLP has gathered the best CPAs and Business Strategists to create this wholistic advisory service. Your business will be provided with a specialized team that will be a trusted partner for you.

  • Tier I – Basic Compliance
  • Schell & Hogan Tier 1 service is a combination of Bookkeeping, Advisory Service, and Business Strategy.

  • Tier II – Full Compliance
  • Schell & Hogan Tier 2 includes Tier 1 – plus Accounts Payable and Payroll.

  • Tier III – Growth
  • Schell & Hogan provides Tiers 1 and II, and adds Budgets and Forecasting, Key Performance Indexes, Succession Planning, and Estate Planning.

Additional CAAS Services

  • Interim Controller/CFO
  • IT/Website & SEO Development
  • Marketing
  • Tax Planning

How Does It Work?

Schell & Hogan, LLP provides an advisory process that analyzes your business to discover potential opportunities and obstacles. S&H analyzes your business based on operational, managerial, and financial points of view and integrates technology to assist your business in achieving efficiency and sustainability.

Our reports, generated from our St. Simons Island, headquarters, are designed to streamline your business and allow you to focus more on your other business functions. The reports can help you make critical financial decisions, evaluate performance of staff or products and develop long- and short-term plans.

  • Analyze – First 3 Months
  • mplement – Months 3 to 6
  • Reevaluate – Months 6 to 9
  • Solve – Months 9 to 12

Schell & Hogan, LLP understands your business is ever evolving, and we are with you every step of the way.

Call us today and make Schell & Hogan your preferred business partner.


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